Money back guarantee

Money back Policy

Studyace commit to delivering a product that meets the deadline, quality, and instructions. If we fail to do so, you are entitled to a partial or full refund under this Money Back guarantee.

Our team reviews each refund case individually. We reserve the right to deviate from the Money Back guarantee if such deviation benefits You, as we recognize that your circumstances may be unique and not fully covered by this Policy.

Cases when you are entitled to a refund:

Ø  No Writer assigned/no Orders in progress. In this scenario, we can refund the entire amount in your balance account. You must press the button to claim the money from your current balance. "Request a refund of your balance" on your personal page (tab "Balance").

Ø  The Writer had been assigned, but you choose to cancel the order. When the Writer is assigned, we reserve funds from your account. In this instance, the return amount ranges from 100% to 20%, based on the stage of work completed by the Writer.

Ø  Missed Deadline. In such a circumstance, we may issue a partial refund of an acceptable amount to compensate for the late delivery if it was our mistake and we were not waiting for any information from the customer. Such instances are unique and will be decided with each customer.

Ø  Not satisfied with the quality. Our system works the way that we show You parts of the product before you approve it. Thus, you only release funds after you checked the product and agreed with its quality. Thus, we will not accept quality claims after the product is approved by You.

Ø  No refund claim is accepted for Tips.

Please contact us in case of any non-described situation.

Unclaimed Balance

We encourage You to use or claim Your Positive Balance within a year after the funds were deposited last time.

We will send you a warning email with a reminder of your current Balance 275 days after the last activity with the Balance. You will have another 90 days to claim the monies or use them on our site. If neither of these events occurs after 365 days, your Balance will be null and void. In extreme circumstances, we reserve the right to restore the Balance after this time period. In such instances, please contact customer service.

Refund processing

We will complete the refund within 4-6 business days of receiving confirmation. Please keep in mind that the company cannot be held liable for any bank fees, processing time, or potential delays caused by any bank service issues. Please keep in mind that any refunds will be issued using the original form of payment.

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